Baguio Rehash Part 2

Posted on October 10, 2010


This is a rather belated follow-up entry to my first one on my previous Baguio takes, all migrants from my Multiply site.

This one was taken during the Floral Street Parade in 2009, my first Panagbenga shoot, and the second Panagbenga parade I’ve been to (in 2008, we were covering the float parade for a Broadcast Communication class, which didn’t turn out as good as this one did). And because this year’s street and float parades were a dud, I’d rather have this one remind me of those two half-day shoots in February.

Taken along Harrison Road, February 2009, Panagbenga Street Dance Parade.

Taken, I think, on the same day as the one above.

And this is what Panagbenga is all about – year in, year out, every nook and cranny – quite literally – of Baguio City fills with people wanting to have a nice view of the parade. This – a concrete waiting shed along Harrison Road in front of Tiong San – frequently suffers such misfortune.

My first – and only – night shot of Burnham Lagoon, taken sometime in February or March 2009. These months are excellent for shooting because Baguio, for some reason, suddenly jerks awake.

Taken for a Photojournalism class in 2008, this is, again, one of my most decent photos of the Baguio market. As my Photojournalism teacher kindly pointed out, however, I should’ve waited for that man on the extreme left side to pass by because – unbeknownst to my early-prosumer-days self – he was clutter.

Another Photojournalism assignment, taken at the Igorot Park – haunt of bystanders-cum-chess-players-slash-bettors – just beside Burnham Park.

This is one of my earliest (very warm) images from my then-new Nikon D40, taken at SM Baguio during – or after – a drizzle. The people swarming the balconies are bystanders/fans/curious onlookers of a performance below by a band called Slapshock. Sorry, I’m not a fan. Why I ever remembered it was they who were performing escapes even myself.

An High Dynamic Range (HDR) image of SM, another of my earliest photos. Unfortunately, I don’t have high-resolution copies of these anymore since I had abandoned hopes of turning on my Jurassic laptop.

Another HDR image of SM, taken from the Athletic Bowl. I had to cure electric posts there, though – something I think the Baguio government should seriously mull changing to underground, but that’s another story.

Taken late 2009, when Baguio was celebrating its centenary.

A long exposure of Hilltop from one of T. Alonzo St.’s buildings, taken late 2009 or early 2010.

And, finally, this one – taken from a rather congested area called Bonifacio Street in front of Saint Louis University – never fails to remind me that sunsets are indeed best served on mountains.

Next up is my hometown, Ilocos. 🙂

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