Hometown blues

October 11, 2010


My hometown – La Union – is perhaps one of the most boring places on earth. I am resigned to say nothing – literally – when asked what remarkable, life-changing thing there is in my hometown that’s worth a family weekend getaway. But then again, that is not to say La Union does not have […]

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Baguio Rehash Part 2

October 10, 2010


This is a rather belated follow-up entry to my first one on my previous Baguio takes, all migrants from my Multiply site. This one was taken during the Floral Street Parade in 2009, my first Panagbenga shoot, and the second Panagbenga parade I’ve been to (in 2008, we were covering the float parade for a […]

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Oh hello, October

October 2, 2010


October is not only my birth month, but my younger brother’s and younger sister’s as well. Might as well bid it a big hello. 🙂

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Growing tobacco is a family affair for children in Ilocos

September 8, 2010


Early this year, news footage of two-year-old Ardi Rizal puffing away in Indonesia, the world’s third largest tobacco-consuming nation, sparked global outrage. Much of the criticism was directed toward the boy’s father, who said he gave his son his first stick when he was only an 18-month old baby. Ardi quickly became the face of […]

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Where sunsets are best served in mountains

August 8, 2010


Naturally, I am talking about Baguio City, but there isn’t going to be sunsets in this post. This post is encouraging news, more on a personal level than anything else, as this is the first batch of migrants from my old site. And since I owe to this city much of what I know about […]

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August 4, 2010


Since the interface of my old photoblog, which I’ve been using for more than two years now, looks so passé, I am now trying to migrate my photos here one by one, throwing in a bit more than what I originally posted on the old one. I am also praying that the contents of my […]

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